Undugu Fair Trade limited (Undugu) is a social enterprise that provides marketing support to disadvantaged producers and artisans facing market access challenges and who have the potential to positively change their lives through exploiting resources available within their environment. Undugu is a joint venture, formed in 2010, between the Undugu Society of Kenya and The Awendo Foundation that promotes economic self-reliance through building the capacities of communities to use their skills and resources to access market opportunities to sustain their livelihoods.

The proceeds from the business are ploughed back to expand market opportunities for existing and new producers as well as finance social programs that positively touch the lives of the less privileged in society. As a member of World Fair Trade Organization, Undugu employs the principles of fair trade and best management practices in forging business and social partnerships. Our management and operational structures are designed to adequately respond to the needs of small producers and to equally meet the expectations of large and small customers.

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